"To be a leading Training & Development Provider and Skilled Manpower Resources in Innovation and Quality with High Integrity as well as having Global Competitiveness"

Our Services


  1. Engineering Design Training :
    • Drafting : Basic CAD, Advanced CAD (Mechanical & Piping, Civil Structure, Electrical & Instrument)
    • Engineering Design : PDMS, Tekla, Pipe Stress Analysis, Piping Design, Civil Design, Scaffolding design, etc.
  2. Hard Skill Training :
    • Scaffolding : Basic Scaffolding, Advanced Scaffolding, Scaffolding Inspector
    • Welding : GTAW, SMAW, Fillet Welder, Plate Welder, Pipe / Tube Welder
    • Pipe Filter : Piping System, Pipe Material and mfg, Isometric Drawing, Spool Piping, etc.
  3. HSE Training :
    Provide a complete range of training related to Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection (HSE) on the field:
    • Oil and gas drilling on/off-shore · Mining
    • Under the sea
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Geothermal
    • Maritime
    • Ship
    • Aviation
    • Building
    • Transportation and road safety, etc.
  4. Human Resources Services :
    • Job Requirement Analysis
    • MP Selection & Recruitment
    • HR Performance Analysis
    • Skilled Manpower Supply
    • Human Capital Information System
  5. Engineering Services
    • Drafting Services (Piping Mechanical, Civil Structure, Electrical Instrument)
    • Plant Layout 2D/3D Design, Isometrics
    • Pipe Stress Analysis, Material Take Off